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Vaux's "gone out of business" CD single sale

When Vaux ended its ten-year run a couple years back, it was a sad day for fans, a group which includes plenty of folks here at Westword. If you're one of those folks and are still having a hard time filling that Vaux-shaped hole in your heart, here's a chance to get some memorabilia direct from the source. The band is selling off its remaining stock of CD singles for "Cocaine James" and "Are You With Me." The two singles, together as a package, will set you back $15, shipped. A little steep for singles, perhaps, but they do have a couple of exclusive tracks each.

And who knows -- they may become collectible. After all, we're on the cusp of going all-digital for music, which means future music nerd will look back with fondness at the days when you could go to a " record store" to buy things on "disc" and will nerdily collect things of that era -- things like rare CD singles from legendary underground bands. Just sayin' ... Worst-case scenario, you get some decent tunes from a great band and maybe help them out a bit. If you want to pick them up, send a message to the band's MySpace page and they'll tell you how to get them the dollars.. See the full text of the announcemnt, including tracklistings, below.

Vaux CD Singles for sale. I have a ton of these in my garage and no more Vaux shows in which to sell them. So, please buy them from us.

If you intend to buy, please send a message to the Vaux myspace account. Include your order, name and address, and I'll let you know the PayPal account to which you can submit payment.

Are You With Me/Cocaine james 2CD Single set $15 US, $20 World. (All prices include shipping). Orders sent FedEx Ground (unless overseas. but still FedEx).

Are You With Me CD single: 01 Are You With Me 02 Lions and LIONS [only available on this release] 03 In A Dark Room [only available on this release] 04 Are You With Me [Remixed by Chris] 05 Are You With Me [Video]

Cocaine James CD Single: 01 Cocaine James 02 Headfirst [only available on this release] 03 No Rebates [only available on this release] 04 Cocaine James [WGA Remix]

Thanks, Greg

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