Vices I Admire finally finds new bassist

After six months of searching, it looks like the guys in Vices I Admire have finally found a new bassist, and you might be as surprised as we were when you find out who it is: Dan Battenhouse (pictured left, bottom right). Name ring a bell? It should. When the Fray was still a five-piece, roughly five years ago or so, back when a bassist was listed as an actual member of the band rather than a hired gun, Battenhouse assumed that position. He parted ways with the outfit before it signed with Epic and recorded How to Save a Life, its major-label debut, and has kept a relatively low profile since. While his playing style was perhaps a little busy for his previous group, it perfectly suits his current one. Battenhouse makes his debut with Vices on Thursday, April 23, at Moe's BBQ, in the company of Yerkish and SoFo. The erstwhile Fort Collins-based band (the act now resides in Denver), is currently in pre-production preparing to record the followup to its debut, Plan B, with JP Manza at Colorado Sound. After the jump, we've posted a demo version of "Heartbreaker," from the new album, the Politics of Apathy, which is due out sometime later this fall.

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