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Warlock Pinchers at the Gothic, 12/31/10

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The old and the new Pinchers logos were projected on the back screen before anyone in the band came on stage, and while that was going on, a few of Satan's cheerleaders came out to do some dancing right before the band strode casually out to start performing that classic Pinchers introduction number. 3KSK wore a black fur vest this time instead of a the pimp-esque white fur vest; K.C. K-Sum came out in a white Laser Pinchers T-shirt; EEROK with a dual-layer wig or something that made the top of his hair look green with his blond hair underneath; DDROK looked like a businessman wearing some bling; and King Scratchie wore a skin-tight green body stocking of some sort, leaving little to the imagination. C3 Creepio looked liked what he is -- a veteran musician who can still bring it and make most of his peers look like lightweights.

"Flaming Mimes" found the Pinchers really going for broke with their stage antics, leaping about and putting their all into the show. K.C. jumped high into the air and came down on his cymbal with his drum stick, showing more energy and aggression alone in one show than a lot of bands that call themselves "punk rock" show all year. But that was the whole band. Scratchie strode the stage and lunged about like only a cartoon character really can without lying flat on his back panting from exhaustion. 3KSK unleashed guitar riffs like he was in KISS and made it seem both ridiculous and cool at the same time. Not many people can pull that off.

For "Arsenic Chick," they got Laurie, the Arsenic Chick, to come on stage and spread around some presumably fake arsenic from the middle area of the stage set up to protrude into the audience like a low-rent version of one of those scaffolds that douchebag rock stars use at huge venues to make us feel like they're reaching out to us. The Pinchers know what a joke that is, and therefore made a joke of it.

Beyond that, it made for some great moments when Scratchie or K.C. came forward and didn't have to climb off the stage to be in touch with people in the audience who weren't just in the front row. Before "Electric Hoedown," C3 hit the cowbell. K.C. asked what sound that was and suggested it was a "clown call."

Of course Jerko the Clown came to the stage and hurled candy into the audience, hitting various people with a salvo of Skittles, Starbursts, Skor bars and other sweets. He then proceeded to spend parts of the rest of the show spraying us with Silly String. Prior to starting up "Dale the Drum Machine," Scratchie told us they were playing a song from their new album. Some people probably thought he was being serious, even if it was a new song made up just for this show.

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