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Warlock Pinchers at the Gothic, 12/31/10

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During a remarkably great version of "We Got the Best," some of Satan's Cheerleaders loaded up an air gun with either hot dogs or some other meat and launched them into the audience like a canister of tear gas. Then they made pancakes with various toppings (syrup, jelly, whipped cream) and handed some to people in the audience or just launched the plate as far as possible, like a Frisbee.

After "James Dean Is an Overrated Asshole," the band began to chant something about Justin Bieber, and Tammy Ealom came to the stage to join in on "Island of the Misfit Toyboys." The set proper ended with "Where the Hell Is Crispin Glover?," and it seemed like everyone knew the words to that Pinchers classic.

After a brief interlude, the band came back on, and 3KSK asked if they should wait until midnight or just keep playing (this was 11:40 p.m.). They decided to play, beginning with an accurate but odd cover of around one minute of "Autobahn," by Kraftwerk, before morphing into "Forever Your Girl," during which K.C. came out in a black skirt, a blue lace blouse tied at the front, and a matching wig with sunglasses. At the end of the song, he bent over, lifted up his skirt and showed us the glittery "666" on his bottom. He got rid of some of the outfit in time for the Damned's "Machinegun Etiquette."

At 11:54 p.m., the Pinchers decided it was the new year. They ran a film that looked like the front view from a train going along snowy mountain passes, counting backward from ten with an interlude of three sixes to one. From there the band kicked into "Morrissey Rides a Cockhorse," and K.C. brought out a version of a "cock horse" that he and others rode around the stage. The show ended shortly after midnight with a fun, rambunctious and curiously faithful rendition of "White Riot," by the Clash.

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