Weekend's best EDM (end of the world edition): Yooj, J.Phlip, Madlib, MartyParty and more

The countdown to the apocalypse has begun! So where do you want to be when the world ends, at home on your couch wrapped up in a Snuggie, waiting for the sky to fall, or out on the dancefloor, living it up and shaking your booty? Dancefloor? We thought as much, which is why we're offering up this comprehensive guide to where you can get your booty-shake on tonight -- and tomorrow night, too, assuming we haven't all been burnt to a crisp in the interim. And let's hope not, because there's too much talent in town to waste: Yooj, J.Phlip, Madlib and MartyParty, among others. So without further ado, open up this week's Dance Card (the last ever?) and see what whets your appetite for getting down.

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