Weekend's Best Live Music Bets: The Autumn Film, Wovenhand, the Hive Dwellers and more

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WOVENHAND @ ORIENTAL THEATER In his early bands, Bloodflower and The Denver Gentlemen, David Eugene Edwards was developing an aesthetic that some consider synonymous with all the significant music to have come out of Denver. But really, Edwards's ideas about music just gelled into a sound that embraced traditional American music while infusing it with an air of hazy mystery and raw emotional intensity when he formed 16 Horsepower in the early 1990s. Horsepower's immediacy and musical intimacy struck an immediate chord with audiences in Denver and further afield, to the point where the band enjoyed great popularity in parts of Europe. Equal parts folk and country but informed by the darkness of post-punk and the more haunting end of the blues, 16 Horsepower was an arresting live band. In the early part of the past decade, the band split, and Edwards formed Wovenhand, sometimes performing without accompaniment but often with side players to help flesh out the next phase of his songwriting.

THE HIVE DWELLERS @ YELLOW FEATHER COFFEE If you haven't heard of K Records, you should seek it out immediately. The label's founder, Calvin Johnson, has embraced the idea of the eternal teenager in all of us as articulated by filmmaker John Cassavetes and run with it from the beginning. The history and catalogues of his bands, Beat Happening and Dub Narcotic Soundsystem, bear that out. So does his latest project, the Hive Dwellers. An unabashed celebration of minimalist rock and roll woven into bouncy electro pop, Johnson and his many collaborators have reinvented and kept relevant a spirit of artless creativity. The most recent Hive Dwellers release featured Karl Blau and LAKE's Andrew Dorsett, and it may turn out that both support Johnson on his ongoing song-and-dance-fueled revolt against the corporate ogre.

Also Tonight:

- Deicide with Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne at Bluebird Theater

- The White Buffalo with Christopher Hawley and Danny Shafer at Fox Theatre

- Z-Trip at Boulder Theater

- Faderhead with Synapse at Gothic Theatre

- Delicate Steve with Janka Nabay and Pink Hawks at hi-dive

- Joey Porter's Shady Business Featuring The Shady Horns (Soulive / Lettuce), Nigel Hall (Warren Haynes Band / Lettuce), Joey Porter (The Motet / Juno What?!), Dave Watts (The Motet / Juno What?!), Garrett Sayers (The Motet) and Ryan Jalbert (The Motet) at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

- LoudKings with Spock Marten, Sunray Breaker, Cozmos, Mudwulf, VJ Dizypixl at The Walnut Room

- Soul Rebels Brass Band at Quixote's True Blue

- Vapor Fest 2012 featuring Macabre, Suspended, Legion of Death, Lauphing Dog, Satan's Host, Black Lamb and more at Summit Music Hall

- Revolvr at Larimer Lounge

- Best of the West Battle of the Bands Semi-Finals 2 with Be Brave, Dielectric Sound, Matt Nasi Band, Thanks to Philo and the McRae at Herman's Hideaway

- Chuck Hughes Band at Skylark Lounge

- The Constant Tourists at The Laughing Goat

- Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond tribute) at The Soiled Dove Underground

- Fredi & the Soulshakers at Baker Street Pub & Grill

- The Heavy Pets at Cervantes' Other Side

- Holden Young Trio at Appaloosa Grill

- Jakarta with PJ Zahn at Little Bear

- Jet Edison at Pete's Monkey Bar

- John McKay Band at Jake's Roadhouse

- Kristin Kay Band at Cheers Pub

- Myanard Mills at Lincoln's Road House

- Regret Night with Places, Kill Paradise, Offcolor at Marquis Theater

- Solution Showcase with Che Grand, Dealz Make Beats, 1984, DJ Low Key and Lazy Eyez at Meadowlark

- Steve Morelock at Historic El Rancho Restaurant

- Tyler Walker Band with Inotio, Ironwood Rain, Boomslangs at Toad Tavern

- The West with Walter at 12 Volt Tavern

- Woodsman with Dustin Wong and Tjutjuna at Moe's Original BBQ & Bowl

- William Fitzsimmons with Denison Witmer at Swallow Hill Music Hall

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