Well, that's one way to make sure folks are paying attention

Why someone didn't think of this sooner is anyone's guess. And if Southwest Airlines hasn't given this guy a raise yet, for chrissakes, what are y'all waiting for? Seriously. We're switching our next flight to Southwest in hopes of coming across David Holmes, the world's foremost (and perhaps only) rapping flight attendant. Southwest has always had a casual, laid back approach to flying -- not the pilots, of course; we're certain those cats are still have the focus of a cardiologist -- but Holmes takes things to an entirely new level. Be honest: How many times have you tuned out when the flight attendant gets on the intercom and launches into the same instructions you've heard a bazillion times? Yep, us, too. Which is why Holmes should be given a Nobel prize or something. Or at least his own parking space. And he may have unwittingly just opened the door for a thousand unemployed MCs to earn some loot freestyling in the friendly skies. See Holmes in action after the jump.

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