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Westword Music Showcase 2007

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Who's on your iPod right now? Juana Molina, Coltrane, Miles, Monk, Bach, Squarepusher, Brazilian Girls, Coldplay...and Convergence!

Parting shot: We want to thank all our dear friends and fans who have supported us over the years!


Website: www.myspace.com/iancooke

Personnel: Ian Cooke (vocals, cello, piano, percussion); on occasion: Ian O (guitar, piano); Whit Sibley (bass, vocals); Justin Ferreira (drums, percussion); Sean Merrell (drums, percussion).

Native or transplant? I am a Colorado native. Greeley is my home town.

Releases/discography: The Fall I Fell (2007); Vasoon EP (2005).

What three adjectives best describe your music? I asked a friend for three adjectives that best describe my music. She came up with beautiful, tragic and mesmerizing.

Favorite place to play a show: Intimate venues and houses are my favorite places to play shows.

Favorite place to hang out/drink: Lately, I like dinking at the Horseshoe Lounge. Tuesdays and Thursdays at JR's are fun every once in a while.

Best artist/band to come out of Denver (that's not yours/you): The best band from Denver in my book is Rabbit Is a Sphere. As for solo artists, I'd say Rachael Pollard. This question isn't fair. There are too many good ones. Other contenders include Paper Bird, Bela Karoli, Handsome Bobby, Supply Boy, Ghost Buffalo, Porlolo, Joshua Novak, Mark Darling, the Wheel, Peña, Gregory Alan Isakov, A Dog Paloma, Laura Goldhamer, Meese, Bad Weather California — I could go on for days.

Best song to come out of Denver (that you didn't write): Again, there is more than one best song to come out of Denver. I'll narrow it down to five: "Motorcycles" - Supply Boy; "New Year's Day" - Joshua Novak; "Sacrifice" - Paper Bird; "No Ability" - Laura Goldhamer; and "My Hanging Surrender," by the Wheel.

If you were a street in Denver, which street would it be and why? I would be 16th Avenue, because it has a generous and clearly marked bike lane — the kind of bike lane all streets should have. On second thought, I might be Colfax, because I always have at least two prostitutes on me.

If you had to choose one act to represent Denver, who would it be and why? The act I would choose to represent Denver is Malas Semillas. Those cats are the illest and have hearts of gold.

Which artist has had the biggest impact on you? ABBA is my all-time favorite band. They fleshed out my understanding of the form of a pop song.

Which album has had the biggest impact on you? There are several albums that could hold the title of having the biggest impact on me, but if I had to choose one, it might be Cafe Tacuba's Reves.

File-sharing: Godsend or the death of music? I wouldn't say file-sharing is the death of music, but it may be overpopulating it a bit. It definitely makes selling records more difficult, but sometimes I consider it a godsend. I would rather have free exposure to more people than make money off of a handful. I'd like to think the people who find music via file-sharing will buy it if they like it.

Who's on your iPod right now? I possess no iPod. If I did, it would most likely be playing "Colleen," the first track on Joanna Newsom's new EP.

Parting shot: Go swimming this summer and recycle.


Website: www.myspace.com/cowboycurse

Personnel: Ben Bergstrand (vocals/guitar), Tyler Campo (bass/vocals), Erin Tidwell (drums/vocals).

Native or transplant? 2/3 transplant: Ben is from Kentucky and Ohio — two states that nobody really gives a shit about. Tyler is from Connecticut and is a Yankee elitist snob. E is a native and even smells like the Rocky Mountain Columbine, Colorado's state flower. It's kinda freaky.

Releases/discography: Nod Up and Down (to the Simulcast Singing) (2006); Welcome to Cowboy Curse (2004); Cap Gun Memo (2003).

What three adjectives best describe your music? Beautiful, violent despair?

Favorite place to play a show: Does playing a painfully slow, out-of-tune version of "Crazy Train" at Guitar Center count? Our whole set is awesome, actually, from our blistering "Come As You Are" to Tyler's bass work on "Aenima." You'll be blown away!

Favorite place to hang out/drink: Timmy T's Sante Fe Lounge. Sorry, it's members only.

Best artist/band to come out of Denver (that's not yours/you): The Clarinet Guy on the 16th Street Mall — sometimes he can even play while sleeping!!!

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