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Westword Music Showcase 2007

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Best song to come out of Denver (that you didn't write): Um, not "Cable Car" or "How to Save a Life" — but those songs are really out of L.A., anyway.

If you were a street in Denver, which street would it be and why? Hmmm... 14th Avenue. It's nice in some parts, shitty in others. Lots of people know about it, but very few people actually give a shit about it.

If you had to choose one act to represent Denver, who would it be and why? In all seriousness, Red Cloud, because they have great lyrical content, they're passionate players, they put on great live performances, they behave semi-respectably about town, and they have always been very supportive of other bands in town and don't play into the bullshit hype that has been very pervasive and divisive to our music scene. Then again, Red Cloud has too much scruples to accept such a title as Supreme Denver Representatives, and they'd decline, and we'd have to ask Bright Channel, and, for the same reasons, they'd decline, and then we'd ask Tarmints, and the same thing would happen, and it would just be a goddamned mess to even get into choosing one band to represent such a diverse city. We wish Coloradans would spread their roots a little more to support all the bands, artists and good things Denver has to offer.

Which artist has had the biggest impact on you? I guess we can be serious here, too. Wilco — obviously musically, but it's more the drama surrounding the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and the documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart. It just goes to show you that everything can be falling apart — people can try to crush you from inside and out and you can still make a great album your own way, give it away for free on the Internet, have the same major buy it TWICE after telling you it's crap, and it can still go multi-platinum, to boot! Maybe there is some hope after all.

Which album has had the biggest impact on you? Knee Deep in the Hoopla - Starship. You do remember what they built that city on, don't you?

File-sharing: Godsend or the death of music? Hmmm. According to the Bible, GOD will send DEATH in the form of the apocalypse, so those terms are wishy-washy.

Who's on your iPod right now? You're kidding, right? Would you like a listing for all 80MB? Don't put this question on the survey next year!

Parting shot: Haven't you already seen King Rat and Swayback, like, a thousand times? You should be watching Cowboy Curse at 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 16, at the Acoma Center. You should vote for Cowboy Curse on the Indie Pop ballot because a Vote for Cowboy Curse is a Vote fur Amuricuh! The rest o' them bands are hippies and freedom-haters! Look at Tyler Hayden's hair (hippie) and them Hot IQs with their subversive lyrics (freedom-haters). Man, don't even get us started on that Nathan & Stephen or EAOD... Something just ain't right about havin' that many folks in one band; it's like them al-Qaeda terror cells.

6 P.M., DC 10

Website: www.myspace.com/dentsmusicissaulgood

Native or transplant: Native, the Nutty North!

Releases/discography: The Blunt Sessions (2007); Confi'DENT LP (Summer 2007); Make Yall Feel It (Mix CD-2006); Low Budget Soul (2006); Hip-Hop Love Jazz (2005 UK); Platinum in the Shower EP (2005).

What three adjectives best describe your music? Heavy, groovy, energetic.

Favorite place to play a show: The Fillmore.

Favorite place to hang out/drink: The Roxy, 2549 Welton Street.

Best artist/band to come out of Denver (that's not yours/you): Well, let's say outta Colorado. I'm a fan of Distrakt, the Procussions, D.O. & O.G., Bumpy Chill, just a few. Colorado has a lot of dope headz. It's time to Wake Up!!

Best song to come out of Denver (that you didn't write): Man, I dunno, there's a lot of hot music out here, a lot to choose from. It's up in the air.

If you were a street in Denver, which street would it be and why? Humm. Probably Federal, 'cause that's a classic Denver street, and it goes north to south all through the city.

If you had to choose one act to represent Denver, who would it be and why? As far as hip-hop goes in Denver, there are many artists who are creating their own network; we all need to continue playin' our part to truly build a stronger scene, support each others' movements. We're all from CO and all in the same struggle. It's time to build.

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