Westword Music Showcase: Here are the late additions to the ballot

A little over a month ago, we came up with this crazy -- and some now say ill-conceived -- idea that we would give ourselves a mulligan in terms of the bands that were overlooked when the nominees for this year's ballot were revealed and add five acts to this year's ballot. Within five days, we received over 1,300 comments -- many of which, as it turns out, were from the same folks posting multiple times for the same band, something in our infinite wisdom (no, really -- apparently, this is our first rodeo) that we hadn't anticipated. Anyhow, we did our best to strip out the dupes and have subsequently come up with five acts which have been added to the online ballot and will be added to the print ballot next week.

Now as disgruntled fans of these acts will undoubtedly point out in the comments section below, yes we missed our own deadline. What's more, adding these outfits this far into the game puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

We'll fall on the sword for the first one; that was completely our bad. If you're into excuses, our workload has been a tad overwhelming. If you're not, we understand. We're not big on excuses ourselves. Either way, thanks for your patience and please accept our apologies.

Now in terms of the second complaint/assertion, we ask: Does it really put them at a disadvantage? Let's not forget that in order to be added to the ballot in the first place, these musicians had to rally those same fans in an even shorter amount of time. That said, have at it. You'll find the late additions to the ballot below. As promised, the band that garnered the most nods -- in this case, the Alan Baird Project -- will be invited to perform at the Showcase.

  1. Pop: Alan Baird Project
  2. Rock: Lords of Fuzz
  3. Modern Rock: Sofo
  4. Modern Rock: Vonnegut
  5. Punk: Boldtype

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.