What Denver Bands Are Bringing to the Deserted Island

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Preparation is key if you want to get the most out of the Westword Music Showcase — but it also helps if you’re going to be alone on a deserted island. To give you an idea of the company you’ll be keeping at this year’s Showcase, we asked some of the bands what three things they would take with them to such an island.

“Fireworks, motorcycles and dogs — tons of dogs. Hopefully our girlfriends can come, too.”
In the Whale (6:25 p.m., The Church)

“Electricity, muffins, cannons for war.”
Go Star (2:30 p.m., City Hall Amphitheatre)

“People have been asking us that a lot lately. Hopefully there aren’t secret plans in the works to shipwreck us. But we suppose we’d bring some duct tape.”
OKO TYGRA (3:40 p.m., Dazzle)

“Three more islands. One would be boring.”
I Sank Molly Brown (4:20 p.m., La Rumba)

“One: A towel. I just think we’d be super-bummed without one. Two and three: A Bible and a handgun, so we could start our own mini-America.”
Joy Subtraction (3:40 p.m., Broadways)

“Zima; that really good REM song ‘Shiny Happy People’; Malibu rum.”
Native Daughters (2:10 p.m., Bannock Street Garage)

“A djembe, an acoustic guitar, and a lock of Anna Kendrick’s glorious brunette mane.”
Modern Suspects (1:15 p.m., Bannock Street Garage)

“Our own private chef, definitely a private chef; Hulk Hogan — this would be mandatory; strawberry sprinkled Pop-Tarts — at least a dozen or so boxes. We’d flourish in such a setting with the following items. It would be like Lost without the Smoke Monster or the Others.”
Instant Empire (12 p.m., The Church)

“A water filter, a good book, and a friend with above-average survival and conversational skills.”
Poet’s Row (4 p.m., 100% de Agave)

“Weed, beer and music. What’s surviving if you’re not living?”
Diamond Boiz (12:55 p.m., Vinyl Rooftop)

“A Jimmy Buffett record, a floral-pattern shirt, and a Blendtec blender for making boat drinks to share with all the other bands stranded on this deserted island!”
The Parlor Pickers (1:15 p.m., 100% de Agave)

“Three magic lamps that we will use to continuously wish for more magic lamps to get whatever we want. Beat that, system.”
Muscle Beach (3:05 p.m., Bannock Street Garage)

“Our dogs, hot dogs and a best friend.”
Candy Claws-Sound of Ceres (5:15 p.m., La Rumba)

“Millions of tacos, an aquatic architect, and Perfume Genius records.”
Eros & the Eschaton (3:40 p.m., Stoney’s South)

“Flare gun, dried foods and bottled water. Why does no one ever think practically with this question?”
Allout Helter (1:15 p.m., Bannock Street Garage)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.