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Whatever happened to Desperate Angel?

There's a great dialogue happening right now on the Denver Music Board about the local bands that mattered the most to everyone individually. While there's a ton of groups on that list that had a big impact on me, there's one in particular that I remember fondly as being my gateway into the scene.

I vividly remember the day I discovered them. I couldn't have been more than twelve, maybe thirteen at the time. The band was called Desperate Angel. The drummer was the older brother of my buddy Jason, who lived a few streets over. That's how I found out about the group. He gave me a '45 the outfit had produced. I remember sitting in my room staring at the cover for hours -- the logo, the photo of the dudes in long hair -- as I listened to the music. I was just so enamored with the fact that these guys (one of them at least) lived in my neighborhood and was in a band. I don't think I ever met him, but I sure did think he was cool. Couldn't wait for the day when I was in a band. I don't remember the song, to be honest, nor do I know whatever happened to those cats. Eventually, I moved on to other bands like Elysian and Fluery, and eventually made my way from Northglenn to Denver to discover acts like the Jonez and Pil Bug. In retrospect, I don't think Desperate Angel made much of a dent -- well, on anybody except me. So what was the first small time local band that left its imprint on you?

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