What's your dream Mile High Music Festival lineup? Here's ours.

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Okay so by now you've had a chance to absorb the deflating news that the Mile High Music Festival is being put on ice this year, and you've even offered up with some suggestions of how to make Mile High more enticing if the festival returns next year, which organizers haven't completely ruled out. What headliners would you pay to see? If you were in charge of talent buying and money was no object, who would you book, given the eclectic yet discriminating nature of this market? If we were handed the keys tomorrow, here's who would be on the bill.

10. Neil Young with Pearl Jam Remember that album they did together in the mid-'90s? Yeah, how about having them perform the whole thing in its entirety, followed by Vedder and company going back and forth with Neil as they scroll through the choicest cuts in their back catalog?

09. Mumford & Sons / Avett Brothers Hey, it worked on the Grammys. There's very little doubt that this would be a guaranteed draw here. Musically, the bands are kindred artists, and they've each built up a devoted following on the Front Range.

08. Slayer Despite the fact that its music and stage show has changed very little over the years, there's a reason that these elder statesmen of metal continue to pack them in year after year -- they're still the most badass metal band on the planet, and they're universally loved and respected by virtually every living metalhead you're bound to come across.

07. Gorillaz Last year, Gorillaz reportedly gave LCD Soundsystem, Lady Gaga and Roger Waters a run for their money as the most entertaining show of the year. Have to imagine that the inclusion of Gorillaz on the bill would easily help transform any festival into a can't-miss proposition.

06. Wiz Kalifa Wiz Khalifa is one of the most prominent crossover MCs in the game right now. He's one of a handful of artists who have successfully managed to translate the grassroots success he's had in the underground into mainstream notoriety. His ever growing Taylor Gang is among the most devoted fanbases in the country.

05. Roger Waters If you missed last year's performance of the Wall by Roger Waters and company, you missed, hands down, one of the best shows of the year. The idea of Waters recreating the massive show to culminate the fest is about as far fetched as can be, but boy howdy, it would be unbelievable if he did.

04. Deadmau5 If there's one style of music that has proven to be a huge draw, it's dance music, and Deadmau5 -- in addition to building up following every bit as fanatical as ISP -- is the veritable kingpin. Not to mention, he puts on a killler live show.

03. The Disco Biscuits This is an absolute no brainer. Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that The Disco Biscuits have built up a loyal and rabid Colorado fanbase, as evidenced by the annual Bisco Inferno and its peripheral after parties, which seem to sell out instantly.

02. Arcade Fire or The Strokes An obvious choice, yes? Fresh off its Grammy win, Arcade Fire has amassed enough clout to headline a major outdoor festival. Seeing the band live at Red Rocks was just this side of a religious experience. Even outside of the magical environs of Red Rocks, though, we're pretty sure it would be equally as moving. As for the Strokes, well, if Arcade Fire is busy, this is the next band we'd love to see again. Been too long. Given that they're playing Madison Square Garden next month, it seems like they're do for full blown tour. Can't think of a better tour stop. Can you?

01. Van Halen C'mon. You know you want to see this: Two sets, one night -- one from the original lineup, including David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony, and the other with Sammy. And everyone involved would be contractually obligated to get along, stay sober enough to perform and have the time of their fucking lives -- and thus, give us the time of ours. Yeah, we know. Fat chance. Still!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.