While we chill, musicians put the "labor" in Labor Day this weekend

Ah, Labor Day weekend: Time for us to chill and do nothing like it's our job. Our musician friends, however, well, they'll be putting the "labor" in Labor Day.

To that end, there's a ridiculous number of options if you're looking to do something compelling and music related, and we've written about a good number of them. Safe Boating Is No Accident, American Tomahawk, Adai, the Gamits, Tin Horn Prayer (featuring our own Andy Thomas) and Pee-Pee are all releasing new CDs, while the Epilogues are premiering a brand new video at Summit Hall.

Or, if you had your heart set on seeing a whole lot of bands at once, the Mago-gogo and Electric Avenue festivals are on tap on Saturday, and Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Otherwise, there's some choice imports: Tonight, Wilco's in Snowmass, and Vampire Weekend's at the Rocks. Sleep's at the Gothic on Sunday, and Scissor Sisters are at the Ogden on Monday. Oh and let's not forget the Taste of Colorado. Whatever you get into, have a great weekend! If you need us, we'll be getting our Q on. See you on Tuesday!

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Dave Herrera
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