Widowers' Mike Marchant recovering after being hit by car

To say Mike Marchant has an angel resting on his shoulder is an understatement on par with saying our economy is sort of a bad way right now. Yesterday, Marchant, one of Denver's most talented songwriters, was hit by a car and managed to walk away from the incident having only suffered a concussion -- his second within a year and a half -- a sore arm and some minor scrapes and bruises.

The first head injury was more severe and happened at the beginning of last year. When we profiled Marchant's main band, the Widowers, last January, you might recall reading about him getting mugged while walking home one afternoon. That incident likewise left him with a concusion and no recollection at all of what had happened.

And then this past summer, the frontman was arrested while vacationing in Mexico. Mistaken for somebody else, he was taken into custody and received what he described as a fairly mild beatdown (and shakedown). Marchant was eventually freed after spending the night in jail when his dad graciously bailed him out. At the time, Marchant filed the incident under, "material for another chapter in my novel that I will never write about all the crazy shit that happens to me randomly."

The latest harrowing incident appears to have been as random as the others. After a light night that turned into an early morning spent putting the finishing touches on the forthcoming Houses' record, the Widowers frontman woke up and set about doing some much needed house work (no pun intended). The first order of business, says Marchant, was taking the trash out to the dumpster in the alley behind his house. We'll let him pick up the story from there:

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"I hear a car driving kind of fast," he says, still a bit shaken and groggy from the ordeal. "I live right on the corner, so I assumed they were just going up 29th. I turned and realized, just kind of at the last minute, they were coming up the alley where I was at. They hit the brakes, and I tried to get out of the way, but couldn't get out of the way in time. And they just hit me right in the hip, and I went forward and landed on my arm and then hit my head. And they just drove right around me and took off.

"I laid there for a couple of minutes, just kind of gathering my bearings," he continues, "and then I got up and went inside the house. I washed up my cuts and stuff, which weren't too bad, and then started calling... nobody was at my house, which is kind of rare. There's almost always one of my roomates or somebody here. I've had head injuries before, so I'm supposed to be real cautious about that kind of stuff. So I start calling around. All the Mothership and Pacific Pride dudes live about two blocks up, which is where we practice, too, like two blocks up the street. So I started calling them to see if anyone was at home. No one was there -- it wasn't that bad that I needed to call an ambulance or anything -- but I did need to get to the hospital. So Rob Ballantyne -- he plays bass in Mothership and Pacific Pride -- he left work, because he works really close by, and gave me a ride down to Denver Health, where I spent the majority of the day."

After undergoing a series of x-rays and a CAT scan, Marchant was released last night at 8 p.m., and is currently at home recuperating. Per doctor's orders, though, he will not be performing this weekend with the Widowers as scheduled at the Hot Congress block party on Larimer, but hopes to be back to good in time for Houses upcoming EP release party at the hi-dive on Friday, May 1. Marchant understandably didn't get a license plate number, so it remains to be seen if the hit-and-run suspects will be apprehended and brought to justice.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.