Win tickets to the Flobots' Bowling Ball on Saturday, October 23 at Lucky Strike Lanes at Bellmar

Next Saturday, October 23, at Lucky Strike Lanes in Belmar, Flobots are hosting their second annual Bring It On Bowling Ball. Last year, the outfit challenged members of the Fray, Flogging Molly and Single File, along with some Nuggets and Rapids players and KTCL personalities, to a bowl-off to raise money for charity.

This year, Jonny 5, Brer Rabbit and company are facing off against Rise Against and some ringers from the Blasting Room, including Bill Stevenson of the Descendents and Jason Livermore, to raise money for Flobots.org programs. Tickets are a hundred bucks a pop, and we've got two pairs up for grabs. Click through to find out how to win.

Update:Congrats to law school student Marc and single mom Kristi, you're our winners. There will be a pair of tickets waiting for you at Lucky Strike Lanes.

If you and a guest would like to be our guest, tell us why we should pick you in five words in the comments section below. Be sure to include your actual e-mail address in case you win and we need to contact you. (Don't worry: We're not going to share it with unscrupulous spammers.) Good luck!

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