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Even when Wink tries to turn back the clock, there's no denying that times have changed. He remains fond of the homemade parties that gave the dance scene its legs, but when he threw a little soiree at the Winter Music Conference in Florida earlier this year, it earned a spread in Spin magazine. Indeed, the lineup was so crowded with big names, including Britt, Pete Moss, David Alvarado and 4hero's Diego, that when house luminary/Basement Jaxx collaborator DJ Sneak offered to do a set, Wink had to turn him down. But Wink managed to enjoy himself anyway. "We did it at this lounge club called the Living Room, and it was awesome--very small and intimate. And there was no hype around it, just really good music. It was a fun party."

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the bangin'.

Josh Wink. Friday, June 4, Synergy, 3240 Larimer Street, $15-$25, 303-296-9515.

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