With our help, could a lesser-known Denver-based artist top the Billboard 200?

Okay, so here's a nutty idea. Last week, Taylor Swift topped the Billboard charts once again by selling 52,000 copies of her Speak Now album -- an industry low, reportedly, taking the title from the Dreamgirls soundtrack, which previously held the distinction with 67,000 sales.

Think about that for a minute, will ya -- 52,000 copies is not a lot! There are more people than that at a typical Broncos game. If this trend continues, and only a fraction of the people in Denver bought a single album from a designated artist, we could conceivably catapult that act to the top of the Billboard chart.

It would certainly take some coordination, and the act in question would need to have a massive amount of physical product in stock, but it could just work, and how rad would that be? Got any ideas? Tennis's album comes out next week -- and this sort of thing could very well happen on its own -- but who else is releasing albums in the next few weeks? An interesting proposition, yes?

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