Wondering what to get that special little someone for Christmas? Wonder no more. The Indie Rock Coloring Book is here!

Ever notice just how much more advanced kids are these days? They just seem so much cooler than we were growing up. We were at a barbecue not too long ago, for instance, and heard the wee son of a friend -- seriously, the kid hadn't even hit puberty yet -- raving about the new Bon Iver record. Yeah, Bon Iver. What's that all about? At that age, we were listening to the sort of craptastic, cringe-worthy things that can't even be explained away as guilty pleasures. So what gives? Cooler parents? Greater access? The internet? Uh-huh, that's what we thought, too, at first. But we've since figured it out.

It's all about the Indie Rock Coloring Book.

Ever heard of it? No? Well, we just got a copy in the mail, and damned if it isn't the coolest kid-centric item we've seen in recent memory. It's put out by this non-profit group called the Yellow Bird Project out of Montreal and is illustrated by some guy named Andy J. Miller. It looks like any other coloring book, except, the foreword is written by a dude from Rilo Kiley and the pictures all have something to do with an indie rock song or band or album cover. There's the New Pornographers (good luck explaining that moniker to your impressionable nephew) Twin Cinema projector. There's the National's Fake Empire and a Broken Social Scene maze.

The whole thing evidently sprang forth out of folks making charity T-shirts for various indie rock bands. Best part, procedes go to various charities. Pretty kick ass, eh? Would love to see a metal version. Cannibal Corpse for kids. Color in the Dying Fetus. How about it, Yellow Bird Project?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.