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WTF? Vices I Admire Down a Bassist

Bass players and drummers, man. What is it about bass players and drummers? I've never been able to hold on to one. Ever. Actually, that's probably more on me than them, if you want to know the truth. I'm what I would call a perfectionist -- and what other musicians would probably call a hack. As anyone who's had the great misfortune of working with me can tell you, I'm fairly rigid when it comes to rehearsal: I'd rather work on one song until it's perfect -- even if it takes all night or multiple sessions. That is to say, all the changes are fluid, all the parts work together, all the vocals are established (with actual lyrics).

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

To the other, obviously far more talented players I've played with over the years, though, this approach is tedious and unnecessary. I once had a truly amazing drummer, that I had no business playing with in the first place, quit my band by politely saying, "I'm not really into this music, man," he said, "And honestly I don't think I'm the right drummer for this band." Translation: "Listen, sport, we're not splitting atoms here. I figured out your rudimentary excuse for a song the second time through, and you're boring the absolute crap out of me."

I'm sure that helps explain why I'm playing guitar by myself these days, writing songs that no one outside of my small circle of friends will ever hear, much less care about.

Nonetheless, there's still gotta be something to this whole rhythm section quagmire. I say this mainly because in the past week, two fairly active bands (two?!) -- Vonnegut and now Vices I Admire, who, coincidently, is also nominated in the Modern Rock category for this year's Showcase -- have put out feelers for a new bassist. No word on why the members of Vices are parting way with their current guy, but judging from the tone of the post on their Myspace page ("We are aiming to make this band our career and are therefore asking a large commitment from any potential bassist. Thus, we ask for serious applicants only"), it sounds like commitment issues might've been a factor.

If you're willing to devote at least four to five nights a week to practicing and capable of learning fifteen to twenty songs, you may be they're looking for. Those interested in the gig are urged to reach out directly via email.

Happy hunting. That's a task I certainly don't admire.

-- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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