Xiren's song "Ship of Fools" getting great adds at radio

Although Xiren has never particularly struck as an artist you'd file under AC -- radio lingo, evidently, for the Adult Contemporary format, which we believe from our years working at KOSI in a past life is another way of saying light rock -- apparently program directors across the country feel the designation fits. This week for the second week in a row, Xiren's song "Ship of Fools" -- a track that, oddly enough, isn't posted on his MySpace page -- was one of the most added songs in the country, alongside new tracks from Colbie Caillat, Bon Jovi, Five For Fighting and Rob Thomas -- beyond an impressive feat for an unsigned artist, which is exactly why, we're guessing, that noted radio pub FMBQ opted to profile him this week. Word has it that Xiren contracted a radio promoter who's clearly invested quite a bit of effort to pushing the track. The investment has obviously paid off. Catch Xiren on Saturday, September 5 at the Soiled Dove Underground.

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