Yerkish's groundbreaking glassbreaking new approach to making videos

This past weekend, the members of Yerkish were filming a new video in their practice space at 22nd and Larimer. During the third and a half take, as guitarist Nate Huisgen was attempting to push off a plate glass window, the glass shattered. Luckily no one was hurt -- although according to frontman Tim Kaminsky, a member of the street team ended up getting showered with glass shards. "My girlfriend and a couple other girls took her to a nearby restaurant, made sure all the glass was taken care of, and then had gelato, 'cause gelato makes everything swell!" says Kaminsky. "All in all, though, it went well. We had seven cameras, if I remember correctly, and we had a crowd of our own people (about 30) mixed in with all the people leaving the rockies game." See the clip and read more about Yerkish's plans for future videos after the jump.

"This one's the first of three music videos," says Kaminski. "We're going back to Module Overload in August, with Ian to produce again, and we're going to lay down four tracks, three originals and our cover of 'Naked Eye' by the Who. In our constant effort to gain more visibility, we came up with the idea to release a music video for every new original song we write. So this one was for our song "navuralture," and we've got two other new songs, "Jovian" and "Quality!" that I'll be directing in mid August. This one was super-guerilla style. The others are going to be more story/theme based. I figure, I'm going to film school, I have a ton of students on board wanting to help... these things should turn out pretty awesome!  We hope to do a video/music premiere when everything's done, probably in late October."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.