Yikes! Are aging rappers on the endangered list? They are this week, evidently.

Within a week of one another, two well known forty-something rappers endured harrowing artery related episodes. Sadly, the first one claimed the life of Chilly B (aka Robert Crafton III), 47, of Newcleus, an outfit who provided the soundtrack for many an carboard toting b-boys during the mid-'80s with "Jam On It" and "Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)." Last Tuesday, Chilly B suffered a massive stroke that reportedly left him brain dead and in a coma, according to the act's MySpace page, resulting in him being removed from life support.

Fortunately, the outlook is much more positive for Colorado favorite Guru (aka Keith Elam), 43, of Gang Starr fame, who was also rendered comatose this past weekend after reportedly suffering a heart attack. According to his Gang Starr bandmate, DJ Premier, Guru's reportedly out of surgery and expected to make a complete recovery. Positive thoughts and vibes to both Chilly B and Guru's friends and family.

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