You can now earn your way into Heaven... Fest

So get this: we've received word from trusted and reliable sources that contrary to century's old dogma, you can now earn your way into heaven. Well, not heaven heaven, as in eternity and all that, obviously -- the jury's still out on that ongoing debate -- but rather Heaven Fest, Northern Colorado's annual Christian-centric music festival.

Now in its fourth year of existence, Heaven Fest is preparing for this year's festivities in its new location at the Ranch in Loveland on Saturday, July 30, and it needs some volunteers -- 1,000 more to be exact, who are willing to serve as parking attendants or pitch in with security.

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Assuming you're 18 or older, able to follow directions and willing to take on 4-8 hour shifts, you'll get a free general admission ticket to the fest, a free meal (if you're working an eight-hour shift) and free all day parking. There's a form to fill out at HeavenFest.com if you're interested.

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