Your Sweet Return puts the paddles the music of Jeff Buckley

Okay, can we all just agree that Jeff Buckley is a god? Mean, seriously, the man was in a whole other league from all of the other artists of his time. And with the exception of perhaps Jimmy Gnecco from Ours, no one has even come close to displaying the kind of talent he possessed. And he made it all seem so effortless. Just watch all the posthumous footage that's been released. Still kicking ourselves that we never caught him at the Bluebird when we had the chance, when he stopped by as part of the Grace tour. Well, it looks like we're not alone in our admiration. Just caught wind of Your Sweet Return, a Jeff Buckley tribute show slated to take place on Wednesday, November 18 at Boulder's b.side Lounge, in which Jeffrey Hyde Thompson and guitarist Kit Slater, bassist Aaron Stone and drummer Ryan Maskewitz will perform Grace in its entirety. Good luck fellas, that's sort of like trying to replicate the paintings on the Sistine Chapel. Then again, we thought the same thing when we first heard about those fellas who planned on performing OK Computer in its entirety a while back, and that turned out pretty well. So who knows?

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