13-Year-Old Allegedly Gave Out Oxycodone Pills at School -- and Then Buried Them

No matter how carefully adults secure their meds, a motivated teen can often get to them. An example, according to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, is a thirteen-year-old who has now been busted twice for giving away powerful pills, including Oxycodone, at Western Slope schools after reportedly finding the combination of her grandmother's medication lockbox. And in the latest case, deputies had to literally dig in order to find some of them.

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The MCSO identifies the suspect as a thirteen-year-old student at Mount Garfield Middle School who already had a pending court date on felony drug charges when she was busted again on January 30.

Additional details on the case are shared by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, which has identified the girl. We aren't following suit due to her age.

On January 12, the girl allegedly gave Oxycodone and other pills related to morphine to at least four students at the District 51 Pathways program -- and was busted as a result.

Lesson apparently not learned: On January 28, she's said to have passed out more prescription meds pilfered from her grandmother's stash to students at her middle school -- something discovered by administrators when a student who'd been given a pill blew the whistle.

The deputies were alarmed, since the other students didn't appear to have any idea what they'd been given or the sort of effect it might have. The police report quoted by the Sentinel reads in part: "One dose of narcotic analgesics can cause death in the amount of even 40 to 80 milligrams of Oxycodone, (and) can be considered a fatal dose." The amount of Oxycodone given out by the teen was estimated at 100 milligrams.

The situation was complicated further when it was discovered the teen had buried some pills in the school's volleyball pit before splitting the scene. She was found at home and ultimately told law enforcers where to find the pills, which they unearthed using rakes.

The teen has been booked into the Grand Mesa Youth Detention Facility without bond. Charges against her include tampering with evidence, unlawful use, possession and distribution of a controlled substance and a special offender beef because the locations were schools.

Meanwhile, we hope her grandmother has got a new medication lockbox -- and will do a better job of hiding the combination.

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