49 things younger than 49-year-old Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer

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20. Silicone breast implant surgery (1962, the year Moyer was born, so breast implants might have beaten Moyer -- but we're putting them on here because every list is better with breast implants). 19. Vinny Castilla and Glenallen Hill, members of the Rockies coaching staff. (1967 and 1965, respectively).

18. The Sound of Music (1965).

17. Platoon, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture the year Moyer made his major league debut (1986).

16. Daniel Bragg, who Moyer was traded to the Seattle Mariners for in 1996. Bragg retired eight years ago, when Moyer was still pitching for the Mariners. (1969).

15. Grateful Dead (1965). 14. Roberto Clemente Award, given each year to the player who best displays sportsmanship and community involvement. Moyer won it in 2003 (1971).

13. BASIC, an early computer language (1964).

12. Magnavox Odyssey, the first video game console (1968).

11. Audio cassettes (1962, another invention that came to be the same year as Moyer. But really, audio cassettes?).

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