5280 Elevated Voices news blog not dead, just resting, says editor/publisher Dan Brogan

It's been a busy period for 5280: In April, the publication acquired Denver Magazine's key assets and comped its 3,000 subscribers. But shortly thereafter, its Elevated Voices news blog went silent, with the last new post appearing almost three weeks ago, on May 20.

Is the blog dead? Not according to editor/publisher Dan Brogan, who promises that the feature will rise again.

"We did recently discontinue Panorama, our e-mail newsletter, which was a daily summary of local news from around the web," he writes via e-mail. "As you would know firsthand, it was incredibly time-consuming and expensive to produce (a staffer and several freelancers putting in several hours each day). Instead, we're re-allocating some resources internally and will have a new blog lineup soon. In the meantime, we have fewer posts because many of the newsier items came from Panorama."

No word about what these changes mean for talented scribes such as Michael de Yoanna, Vanessa Martinez and A.J. Vicens, who've been staples of the page. But it's good to know the magazine plans to continue the offerings. When it comes to Denver blogging, the more voices, the better -- especially if they're elevated.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.