6th Avenue Detour Is a Police Matter

So I left for work a little after 5 a.m., confident that I'd have a smooth sail into the office, since only insane people like me are on the road at such an early hour, and fortunately for all of us, there are only a limited number of folks who fit that description in our fair city. But no: As I approached the Wadsworth exit on eastbound 6th Avenue, I saw flashing arrows that directed me off the highway -- and the hastily erected displays I passed informed me that "MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS" were underway.

Maintenance operations? Like sweeping up the cigarette butts to make the streets nice for DNC visitors? This is 6th Avenue, fer Chrissakes, not Civic Center.

As I scuttled down to Alameda to continue my suddenly labyrinthine journey, I scanned the radio in search of more wisdom, and finally come across a traffic report on 104.3/The Fan that told me the public agency doing the maintaining was the police -- and I subsequently learned the incident that spurred the closure involved an apparent suicide.

In retrospect, I'm happy the signage was so misleading. The truth would have been too much reality to handle so early in the morning. -- Michael Roberts

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