7-Eleven stores dueling signs shine spotlight on LoDo Aglow

I spent much of last night careening around LoDo, looking at the 21 decorated windows that are competing in the LoDo Aglow contest -- only some of which were actually aglow.

But it was impossible to miss two very lit-up new 7-Eleven stores on 18th Street, only three short blocks from each other.

Since the stores both took over spaces that had been dark, some might argue that 7-Eleven lights are better than none. But even before the second store opened in the first floor of a newer building at 18th and Blake Street, some neighbors were complaining about the 7-Eleven that had taken over the space at 1800 Lawrence Street Pulcinella moved out of two years ago. Really?

But for now, those neighborhood fireworks are far overshadowed by more festive, seasonal sights. Find the complete map to the LoDo contestants at www.lodo.org. I'll post the winners here later this week.

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