A New Era of Openness

A May 22 blog item focusing on Jared Polis' decision to run for U.S. Representative in the second Congressional district noted that he stopped returning phone calls and e-mails from Westword after the appearance of a warts-and-all profile of him was published in 2004. The piece concluded that "Polis will have to be more open and less thin-skinned [as a candidate], granting access even to media members who aren't interested in working as glorified flacks for his agenda."

Polis apparently agrees. Here's the text of an e-mail he sent in response to the blog:

Saw your post today up on the web. I'll make sure to always return any calls promptly next time; I don't recall not returning calls from Westword. If I didn't it certainly wasn't out of anger or ill will. It's certainly possible it happened, but I honestly don't recall it; if so then I humbly apologize. It won't happen again.

Jared Polis

This note is interesting not in respect to Westword, but for what it says about Polis' candidacy. As a background power broker, he could afford to pick and choose when to step into the spotlight. As an individual seeking the Democratic Party's endorsement for federal office, the spotlight stays on all the time -- and Polis seems ready to embrace all that implies. -- Michael Roberts

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