A preview look at the possible new Denver Newspaper Agency logo

"Denver Newspaper Agency Letter Declares the Denver Post to be City's Surviving Daily," a More Messages blog published a short while ago, talks about the draft of a DNA release declaring, "Effective March 1, 2009, only one major daily newspaper will serve the metro Denver market -- The Denver Post." (See this Rocky Mountain News article for more details.) The image above is a photocopy of a proposed DNA logo that topped the letter. In contrast to the previous graphic, which featured rolled-up copies of the Post and Rocky over the full agency name, this one is a rectangular, black-and-white block dominated by its three main letters, with the complete handle and a mention of the Post in smaller print beneath. If, by some odd turn, the Rocky wound up as the surviving paper, the logo would probably have to be redesigned to squeeze in its longer moniker. But clearly, DNA officials are betting otherwise.

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