A reader shares his favorite Barry Fey story

Latest Word, May 16

Book Mark

Westword mentioned my name and book in the context of the tempest-in-a-teapot controversy over naming a library after Rodolfo Gonzales. What I find hilarious about how serious the debate has become is my clear memories of Gonzales's comments in the 1970s, when Congress was debating the merits of a Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. Although MLK Jr. clearly deserved all honors, Gonzales said that the only time the establishment honors an anti-establishment figure is when they are dead and no longer a threat, when they had retreated into inactivity or had sold out, or when the establishment wanted to co-opt their legacy to serve the establishment's purposes -- and I strongly concurred. Now, if Gonzales was correct, what does this say about all the huffing and puffing going on about a library name? But I am only the person who wrote the history of the organization founded by Gonzales and others, so WTF do I know about this critically crucial matter on naming the building?

Ernesto Vigil

Beatdown, Dave Herrera, May 2

Barry, Barry Good

I share the sadness and grief over the loss of Barry Fey. Here's my Barry story:

I saw Barry in the lobby of the Rainbow Music Hall on March 29, 1979, before the McGuinn, Clark and Hillman show, and told him I was also in the Marine Corps. We had about a two-minute, F-bomb-laden conversation on the Marines. Then Barry gave me a hug, and we exchanged the Marine Corps greeting: "Semper Fi." When Barry autographed my copy of Backstage Past, I winked at him and threw him a "Semper Fi." He gave me a big smile.

So now I've got happy memories of all the concerts, plus my ticket stubs, to remember Barry.

John Hildebrandt

"Counting Sheep," Chris Utterback, May 2

Lambs to the Slaughter

I can only hope that the cartoonish depiction of a lamb on the May 2 cover, assigning different "cuts" to bodily sections, has the (perhaps) unintended consequences of 1) awakening people to the fact that each lamb, like every other animal, is a living, feeling individual, not a commodity to be consumed, and 2) there is no such thing as humane slaughter, regardless of living conditions, in the flesh, dairy and egg industries.

Mark Wiesenfeld

Always loved lamb shoulder steaks, rib-eye steaks and pork shoulder steaks, but lamb prices soared long before beef prices, and those two before pork (now soaring).  The only hangup with lamb is the price, so if these ranchers can keep the price competitive with beef, they'll have an ardent customer.

Lamb with Bartlett pears (canned or poached), wild rice and good toasted Italian bread is absolutely the best taste treat in the world.

Sue Nugent

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