A subscriber objects to the end of daily Denver Post delivery on the Western Slope

In Denver Post Ends Daily Delivery in Outlying Parts of Colorado, published yesterday, I pointed out that the decision mentioned in the blog's headline made good business sense but was sure to anger folks who will suddenly be without access to the physical Post except on Sundays. As proof, check out the following letter from Mike Robuck of Montrose, on Colorado's Western Slope. A former part-timer at the Rocky Mountain News who more recently worked as the news editor at the Montrose Daily Press, he's a tried-and-true newspaper lover with a few choice words to say about the move. To read them, click "Continue."

So after crowing about how many former Rocky readers the Denver Post raked in, a small item in today's paper said the Post will no longer deliver the actual paper, except for Sundays, to areas on the Western Slope.

Montrose, where I live, wasn't mentioned, but if they're cutting off Grand Junction and Telluride, I assume we will be on that list as well.

We are good enough for the Post to take our subscription money, but not to get the real paper delivered. The Post contends that it can only deliver to areas where it advertises. I wonder if they are aware that a lot of people on the Western Slope shop and visit the Denver area.

Guess we will have to switch to the GJ Sentinel.


Darrell, and his other brother Darrell.

PERSONAL INFO: Mike Robuck Montrose, or rural Bumfuck Colorado

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