Advice to Mark Udall: Don't take all of Wayne Allard's advice

For the most part, Colorado Public Radio's recent conversation with Wayne Allard doesn't exactly qualify as scintillating: big surprise. But Mike Saccone of Grand Junction's Daily Sentinel, whose "Political Notebook" feature qualifies as one of the better political blogs in the state, zeroed in on some of his more telling comments. At one point, Allard said that he wound up on a 2006 Time list of the nation's worst legislators because he tends not to make a big deal about his victories. He then recommended that Colorado's next senator, Mark Udall, follow his lead: "My advice to him is you come to the Senate, you keep your nose to the grindstone and don't worry about who gets the credit and you'll get a lot done for Colorado."

Hard to argue about that nose-to-the-grindstone stuff. But if Udall wants to make a difference, he shouldn't be so modest that he virtually disappears à la Allard, whom Time dubbed "The Invisible Man." It's easier to "get a lot done for Colorado" if your peers and constituents know you exist. -- Michael Roberts

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