Air America Host Randi Rhodes Suspended Indefinitely For Off-Air Comments

On April 3, AM 760 released a terse press release containing a dash-laden word we'll kindly spell out for those of who who struggle while watching Wheel of Fortune:

AM 760's Randi Rhodes Suspended

AM 760 Talk Show Host Randi Rhodes has been suspended for her comments at a recent San Francisco appearance on behalf of the liberal talk network Air America.

She referred to Hillary Clinton and her adviser Geraldine Ferraro as "fucking whores." AM 760 has been told the suspension is indefinite. Sam Sedar has been filling in.

The station is trying to get as much mileage out of Rhodes' suspension as possible. A page on its website asks, "What do you think? Do you think she should have been suspended?," and includes a link to a YouTube clip of her bawdy address, delivered from the stage during a late March event.

In a conversation with Huffington Post blogger Jeff Norman, Rhodes said, "They are in breach of my contract and have damaged my hard-won excellent reputation in the broadcast industry..." And Jay Marvin, who just signed a new contact with AM 760 (click here for details) feels that Rhodes has a right to be angry. "I think what Air America did was wrong," he allows. "If they didn't like what she said, they should have talked to her about it. But I think suspending her is overreacting, because she didn't do it on the air. She did it at an appearance." His conclusion? "I think Air America should be ashamed of themselves." -- Michael Roberts

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