Alec Arapahoe's grandma probably not proud of the schmucky grandson who Tased her

Life's not easy, but when things get you down -- even when you're in trouble with the law -- there's always one person who understands, one person who will pinch your cheeks, give you a big smile and feed you cookies: grandma. After all, grandma always loves you, no matter how much of a schmuck you might be. Well, unless you Tase her rickety old ass, that is.

Last January, Alec Arapahoe, a twenty-year-old Longmont man, was arrested on several criminal charges, including using a Taser to menace and/or shoot his grandmother, 66, and his great aunt, 63. (You can read more about the story, including the vivid police report, in our original post on Arapahoe).

According to police, Arapahoe showed up drunk at his grandma's house in early January and got into an argument with her and her sister when they asked him to hand over the stun gun. He declined and began harassing them when they tried to leave the apartment, the report says. Then he Tased his grandmother in the back.

Which isn't really how you're supposed to treat your grandma.

But then, Arapahoe seems to have trouble with authority. This week, a Boulder County judge issued a warrant for Arapahoe, who has twice failed to show up for court hearings involved with the incident.

So where is Arapahoe -- who is charged with felony menacing, third-degree assault of an at-risk victim, felony use of a stun gun and false imprisonment -- hiding?

It's probably safe to say he's not at grandma's house.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.