Alex Cranberg, supporter of in-state tuition for children of illegal aliens, steps into Peter Boyles' den

Alex Cranberg, a businessman who was among the most public supporters of Senate Bill 170, the so-called "Dream Act," which would have granted in-state tuition to the children of illegal aliens had it not been defeated yesterday, is at this hour doing what few proponents of the measure have -- subjecting himself to grilling by KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles, the Denver media's most vocal supporters of infinitely tougher immigration policies. The first few minutes of their time together have been predictable, with Cranberg patiently trying to make points about how illegal immigrants actually do pay taxes in the state, and Boyles shooting him down with statements like, "So far, you don't know anything about anything." Afterward, Cranberg began speaking with callers every bit as incensed as Boyles -- no surprise, given that they're loyal listeners.

Listen to the mayhem at KHOW's website.

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