Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Ali Hasan adds sex addict to his resume

There were definitely signs. When Westword was working on "Mr. Right?," our cover story on Ali Hassan, the son of a political powerhouse couple who was recruited by the Republican Party to run for the House District 56 seat in 2008, the 27-year-old candidate took a break from the interview for a quickie with a campaign staffer.

But then, it fit with Ali Hasan's larger-than-life style, which included a stint making movies in California and doing political commentary as a Muslim young Republican even before he moved back to his parents' $10 million home in Beaver Creek and ran for the legislature. The self-labeled "badass" lays out more of his life in his website bio, presented as a movie promo, The California Son. Here's how Ali describes his 2008 run:

So Miguel Ali moved voraciously ran for office! He would call himself a "fiscal conservative, social liberal" candidate and campaigned for tax cuts, gay marriage and citizenship for all immigrants, even those who were undocumented. Of note, our badass even gained the endorsement of the NRA, even though the only thing he's ever killed with a gun is a clay frisbee (badass enough for the NRA though!). And running for HD56 gave Miguel Ali a love of cowboy culture, as the local GOP forced him to work on a ranch, where he was in charge of feeding salt-licks to the cows. (after all, who could turn down a political candidate that's an expert snowboarder and a salt-lick feeder? Exactly!)

Thus, Miguel Ali's dynamic and unorthodox, pro-liberty campaign would win him many headlines in Colorado, including the covers of major newspapers, especially intellectual ones, like the Westword...but it wasn't enough to win House District 56.

Despite knocking on 20,000 doors, Miguel Ali narrowly lost to Christine Scanlan, 48 to 52.

It was a sad day.

But Ali bounced back. He ran for treasurer of Colorado, lost that race, returned to California, started making more movies, did more commentary, added "Muhammed" to his name, then switched that out for "Miguel."

Meanwhile, his parents didn't give up on politics, either. Through their foundation, Malik and Seeme Hasan funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to former congressman Scott McInnis to write his "Musings on Water" while he mused about a 2010 Colorado gubernatorial run.

That campaign dried up in a plagiarism scandal, though, and Miguel Ali Hasan just added another scandalous line to his resume. On June 3, he posted a 3,500 word description of his recent three-month treatment for sex addiction:

For those who know me well, you are more than welcome to laugh hysterically with what I am about to say --

As of last week, I completed a 3-month, sex addiction, rehab program.

(insert hysterical laughs here) that the jokes are addiction is no joke. Yes, I'm more than willing to write comedically about it, but sex addiction is a problem that, if not confronted, will destroy your life. The reason I'm writing about it is because --

1. I want to contribute to the notion that sex addiction truly is something that needs to be taken seriously.

2. I want to add my voice to the many others that have documented their struggles with addiction (whether it be drugs, alcohol, or other vices) because in doing so, I hope I can help others.

Living with a toxic addiction is like living in vortex where you're never rewarded. The gratifications are so fleeting and so terribly short-term, that eventually, one finds oneself continually chasing that same 'short-term' gratification, to the point that those gratifications become more important than family, relationships, work, and even, yourself....

Read the entire entry here.

And how did Seeme Malik respond to her son's confession? According to the Colorado Observer, she urged friends to "defriend" Ali.


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