Alicia Zamaro: Loving Mom or Attempted Killer of Malnourished Baby?

When family members take stories of what they see as injustice to the media, they're obviously hoping for a sympathetic story to result — and Fox31 certainly gave the parents of Alicia Zamaro, a 22-year-old charged with attempted murder against her baby, Jerricho Curry, plenty of opportunities to state their case.

Nonetheless, photos of Jerricho, who's said to have only weighed ten pounds on his first birthday, offer another angle on a controversial story.
As noted by the station, Zamaro is a mother of three, and there have been no allegations of mistreatment involving her other two children.

Moreover, Zamaro's parents point out that Jerricho was premature and weighed barely two pounds at birth.

They acknowledge that he put on weight slowly, however, and in December, Alicia took him to an area hospital.
Medical professionals were considerably more alarmed by his condition. They declined to check Jerricho out and eventually alerted authorities.

According to Fox31, Zamaro has been charged with attempted murder by the Denver District Attorney's Office.

As a result, neither Zamaro, who's free on bond, nor her parents are currently allowed to see the baby.
To Zamaro's parents, the accusation against Zamaro is unjust. They portray their daughter as a loving mom who was doing everything she could to help young Jerricho grow up health and happy.

That's a contention it appears she'll be required to prove in court.

Look below to see the Fox31 report.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.