Allen Iverson was a perfect gentleman in Denver -- so what's your problem, Philadelphia, Detroit and Memphis?

Allen Iverson stands as proof that Denver brings out the best in people.

When he was in Philadelphia, he was clearly a brilliant talent, but he could also be cranky and petulant, as demonstrated in this classic news-conference meltdown about missing a practice. Denver fans were braced for more of the same upon his arrival. However, all he did during his time with the Nuggets was play hard, share the ball more than expected (if not quite enough), say all the right things, and otherwise disprove all the haters who'd pigeonholed him as a recalcitrant egomaniac. But shortly after he was traded to Detroit for Chauncey Billups (a much better fit for the Nugs), he began reverting to his old ways, pouting when things didn't go his way and using injuries to display his displeasure. That behavior continued in Memphis -- so much so that the woeful Grizzlies just terminated his contract.

So why was Iverson so much easier to deal with in Denver? Must be the water -- and a whole lot more.

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