Alton Kirkland: Did he abandon his own kids after hit-and-run killed Jordan Sprouse?

Hit-and-run drivers are well known for leaving strangers hurt or killed by their actions -- but did Alton Kirkland also abandon his significant other and two of his children after a crash that left them injured as well?

That's among the possibilities in the latest hit-and-run in a season full of them: a crash that took the life of Jordan Sprouse, eighteen, who was about to graduate from high school.

The incident took place on Friday night near the intersection of Kipling and 32nd in Wheat Ridge and reportedly involved one Oldsmobile t-boning a second Olds, with a Lexus also involved.

Here's a Wheat Ridge Police Department photo from the scene....

...and another: The impact took the life of Sprouse, who was described by his dad in a 7News package as an aspiring rapper who planned to join the military following his upcoming graduation.

Sprouse's Facebook page is currently filled with tributes, including "Man I miss you bro" and "With a smile like wildfire and love in your heart. That's how I will always remember you. Rest easy man. We will meet again one day."

Also included are photos of Sprouse, including this one....

...and this more contemplative portrait: Meanwhile, Kirkland is getting a different kind of attention -- and it's far from flattering. Continue for more about the hit-and-run death of Jordan Sprouse, including photos and a video. This photo of Kirland, and this crotch-grabbing full-body shot.... ...are among the pics in a Facebook gallery largely dominated by shots of him posing with a woman and three young children, including a newborn. The images are loving and devotional -- but neither of these qualities were present when it came to Kirkland's actions in the wake of the Friday crash.

The WRPD says a woman and two young children were in Kirkland's car when he struck Sprouse's vehicle, and they didn't come away unscathed; they were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Nonetheless, the suspect driver split, leaving the women and the kids on their own even as Sprouse died from his injuries.

According to the Denver Post, Kirkland was later found at his apartment. He was treated for minor injuries before being booked on suspicion of vehicular homicide, felony menacing and domestic violence.

These counts supplement theft charges that Kirkland previously racked up. He's said to have been sentenced to a two-year probationary sentence for those offenses in early April.

Two more things: Wheat Ridge investigators believe alcohol may have been a factor in the crash -- and at a candlelight vigil for Sprouse, another accident took place right in front of mourners. See that side of the story in a 7News report that immediately follows a larger look at Kirkland's booking photo:

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