Amendment 64 voting map in Denver: Greatest support in areas with most dispensaries

The Denver Elections Division has released a map graphically depicting support in the city for Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act -- and the results are fascinating. For instance, many of the areas with the most medical marijuana dispensaries voted for the measure in the highest percentages. See the map below.

As you can see, we've included two versions of the map -- an image directly below, as well as a .pdf that makes it easier to enlarge.

The map shows that support for the measure (appropriately graded in shades of green) was seldom lower than 40 percent throughout the city. However, those neighborhoods whose favorable votes were in the 70-100 percent range, represented by the darkest hues, fall along the axes of Colfax, Broadway and north Federal -- areas where the number of medical marijuana dispensaries is large.

Is there a correlation? Impossible to say without a lot more information and additional research. But there's little evidence on the map of horror-story scenarios originally sketched by MMJ retail opponents -- that centers would be bad neighbors and crime magnets. Judging by this graphic, people who live in the vicinity of multiple dispensaries were more likely to back a broadening of marijuana availability, rather than maintaining the status quo.

Here's the .pdf of the Denver Elections Division map:

Amendment 64 Denver Map Final Unofficial Results

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