An "Inconvenient" Connection

During the run-up to the Grammy awards, local media types went on and on about various nominees with links to Colorado -- not just performers who still live in these parts, like members of the Fray, but also those reared here, such as India.Arie. But when it came to coverage of the Academy Awards, local journalists missed the opportunity to laud Lesley Chilcott (pictured), a onetime state resident who earned an Oscar for co-producing the Al Gore documentary

An Inconvenient Truth


A listing of Chilcott's professional accomplishments makes note of her work at MTV Networks, where she helped launch the MTV Movie Awards, as well as her efforts on behalf of the Detroit Project, described as "an action campaign that promotes hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles." But years earlier, she attended Smoky Hill High School, where she was a friend of Westword photographer Mark Manger. He recalls her as being "bright, responsible and ambitious, but very down to earth."

Today, of course, the earth remains her focus -- but that doesn't mean she attended the Oscars wearing earth shoes. Indeed, Chilcott's wardrobe was critiqued on a live blog overseen by the scary duo of Joan and Melissa Rivers. The entry reads: "Lesley Chilcott's dress looks like the ocean -- in color and cut. Does anyone else picture waves when they look at her neckline?"

Talk about proof that Chilcott's hit the big time. Betcha the folks at Smoky Hill are mighty proud. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.