An Offer Don Couldn't Refuse

Yesterday, Vincent Margera, known to fans of MTV's

Viva La Bam

as "Don Vito," entered a not-guilty plea in Jefferson County court regarding charges of inappropriately touching three teenage girls at Colorado Mills mall last summer; his trial is scheduled to begin on August 27.


's original


about Vito's troubles noted that he had come to Denver to tape segments for a personal web channel about to be launched by ManiaTV!, a music-dominated Internet venture. Since his arrest, ManiaTV! has followed his case, and while the folks there don't pretend to be newshounds, the Don Vito material they've assembled at this


offers a lot more information than does mainstream media coverage such as the

Rocky Mountain News



on the latest hearing.

First up on the ManiaTV! page is a report by CJ Rob from the Jefferson County Courthouse that was videotaped on March 5. Rob spoke with Don Vito, who groused that he'd probably be "a half-millionaire" by now if he hadn't gotten into hot water, but boasted that he had a number of deals ready to roll once everything is resolved. In addition, ManiaTV! has posted footage of Don Vito shot just prior to the bust, including scenes that were shot at a strip club, where the big man is on the other end of some serious groping courtesy of a pair of willing dancers.

Both of whom seem well beyond the age of consent, by the way. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.