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Andres Gaspar, Youth Soccer League President: Second Poker-Turned-Child-Sex-Assault Claim

At 9:30 a.m. today in Denver County Court, youth soccer league president Andres Gaspar is scheduled to be formally charged with sexual assault on a child, among other charges -- and this process should feel very familiar to him. Less than two weeks ago, on September 11, Gaspar was in the very same courthouse facing an identical accusation, albeit in regard to a different victim. The latest came forward after news broke about the first -- and the technique described in arrest reports for both cases involve poker games that allegedly turned into disturbing crimes. Those documents plus additional photos and more below.

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Gaspar's full name is Andres Fuerte Gaspar, and his Facebook page uses the first two of these three appellations. Included is this logo from the athletic organization with which he was affiliated, the Universal Soccer League....

...as well as multiple pics of young soccer players.

The original arrest report references a police interview with one such athlete, a thirteen-year-old who told investigators that on August 15, he introduced himself to Gaspar, said to be the president of the league. Shortly thereafter, Gaspar is said to have offered the unnamed victim a job cleaning soccer fields. A couple of days later, the player arrived to begin work, but before he could get started, Gaspar took him to a nearby McDonald's and then to his apartment, located on the 10100 block of East Virginia Avenue. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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At his residence, Gaspar allegedly told the victim that he would teach him how to play poker. He added that if the player was victorious, he'd get $10, but if Gaspar won, he'd get to "touch him for a minute" -- but this deal wasn't kept, the document maintains. Even though Gaspar lost $30 to the player, he allegedly grabbed him and did a number of things that are blacked out in the affidavit.

The actions resulted in charges against Gaspar of child enticement and sexual assault on a child.

Gaspar was subsequently released on $50,000 bond, but his freedom didn't last long. On September 10, shortly after the first case went public, officers from Denver and Aurora met with the brother of another thirteen-year-old who'd reported being abused by Gaspar. The next day, investigators sat down with the victim, who said that in late July, Gaspar had taken him to his apartment, offered to teach him poker and said he'd give him money "if he allowed the suspect to touch him." The teen refused, but about a week later, Gaspar is said to have taken the boy to his apartment again. This time, he allegedly "grabbed him in a bear hug and drug him to a bedroom where he held him down" and did more terrible stuff that's not visible in the public version of the report.

Hence, a slew of new charges: two counts apiece of child enticement, sexual assault on a child and sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, as well as kidnapping.

Here's a full-size version of Gaspar's booking photo, followed by the two police reports.

Andres Gaspar Original Arrest Affidavit

Andres Gaspar Kidnapping Affidavit

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