Andrew Salazar Guilty of Sex Assault GF Shelby Castonguay Allegedly Watched

On Facebook, Andrew Salazar shared numerous photos of him posing with girlfriend Shelby Castonguay.

Multiple declarations of affection to Castonguay appear on his timeline, too, including this one from March 11: "I love and miss u Shelby very much!!!! seeing u today was the best part of the day I love u much and all u do thank u very much...."

According to another post, the pair were in a "complicated relationship."

And how.

Days after Salazar sent the above note, Castonguay was arrested on suspicion of complicity in a sexual assault. Salazar was subsequently busted for sexually assaulting a woman at a party — an act he admitted committing.

Salazar was sentenced yesterday for the crime — and charges are still pending against Castonguay.

The portraits placed on Castonguay's Facebook page in the wake of her arrest give no indication that she's in legal trouble. Here's one example:

The story is different on Salazar's page. He last shared photos on March 16, including this portrait:

That same day, however, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported about Castonguay's arrest and noted that authorities were seeking Salazar.

By March 25, Salazar was in custody, too, with a $100,000 cash-only bond on his head. (Castonguay was free, having posted a $50,000 bond.) Moreover, details were emerging about their alleged activities.

According to police documents accessed by the Sentinel , the victim in the case said that Salazar and Castonguay had visited a woman's home on January 9. The pair had brought with them three partially filled bottles of alcohol, including cinnamon-flavored whiskey from which the woman took multiple shots. She added that Salazar and Castonguay swirled drinks of their own but may not have consumed any alcohol.

Shortly thereafter, the woman said that "everything started getting fuzzy," although she recalled "floating and following Castonguay's hair," leading her to believe that Salazar was carrying her toward a bedroom.

After that, the Sentinel notes, "she remembers being raped by Salazar and also having physical contact with Castonguay."

The supposition: Salazar sexually assaulted the woman while Castonguay looked on.

The next day, Salazar is said to have phoned the victim and asked if she'd had fun.

Her reported response: "Hell, no." The next day, she was tested at a local hospital, with the examination suggesting that the sex had been non-consensual.

At first, Salazar disputed this claim, with his attorney citing a text message the victim sent the next day that included a colon smiley symbol. But in the end, he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault, and also resolved several prior cases, including one from 2010 involving felony theft and a 2012 probation violation.

Total sentence handed down yesterday: five years and three months in prison.

In the meantime, the complicity case against Castonguay continues to await adjudication.

Here are the booking photos of Salazar and Castonguay.

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