Angel Alcaraz, Unchecked Sex Offender, Accused of Doing "Gross Stuff" to Child

How did registered sex offender Angel Alcaraz get hired as a maintenance man at multiple apartment buildings in the metro area -- a gig that afforded him easy access to lots of potential victims? His employer reportedly admits to never having run a background check on him. And now he's accused of molesting at least two kids, with one telling the cops that Alcaraz did "gross stuff" to her. Photos, a video and details below.

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The Lakewood Police Department has been investigating Alcaraz, 57, since June, following the report of a sex assault on an eight-year-old girl at an apartment complex located on the 700 block of Miller Court.

According to an arrest document accessed by CBS4, Alcaraz allegedly lured the girl and her seven-year-old brother with some candy. Then he told the boy to leave, at which point he unzipped his pants and "did some gross stuff to me," the girl told investigators.

Afterward, she quoted Alcaraz as saying that what happened would be their "secret."

Fortunately, she didn't keep it, and while looking into the case, LPD detectives discovered that Alcaraz was employed by Crane Properties, a firm that oversees a number of apartment buildings in the metro area -- and whose owner is said to have acknowledged that he didn't conduct a background check before the hire. Moreover, Alcaraz was suspected of having previously molested children at the Terrace Park Apartments in Arvada, where he also worked.

The Arvada incident is described in an affidavit obtained by 7News like so: "Angel allegedly offered candy to a group of children, asked the male children to go somewhere else, and then he sexually assaulted the female children."

This wasn't Alcaraz's first perversion rodeo. He's been on the sex offender list since 1991, when he was accused of attempted sex assault on a child -- and while he's currently registered, he's reportedly failed to do so on numerous occasions over the past five years.

Alcaraz remains in Jefferson County jail on sex-assault-on-a-child charges from both Lakewood and Arvada -- and while the LPD doesn't explicitly raise the prospect of additional victims, a department release encourages anyone with info that might be useful in the case to contact Lakewood Police Detective Jennifer Moore at 303-987-7224.

Here's a full-size look at Alcaraz's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned CBS4 report.

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