Ann Coulter and Jessica Corry face off on Casey Anthony and definition of single mothers

Is Ann Coulter a fearless truth-teller in the highest traditions of American punditry? Or a vile harridan capable of appalling people of every ideological description? Opinions vary, but they're always strong, as evidenced by her appearance on KHOW yesterday for a debate with attorney Jessica Corry, who focused less on marijuana legalization, typically her top issue, than the question of whether divisive murder suspect Casey Anthony should be held up as a symbol of single motherhood. Coulter caused a stir -- as usual -- with a July 6 column sarcastically headlined "Casey Anthony: Single Mom of the Year!" In it, she maintains that "the leading cause of all social pathologies is single motherhood. One way or another, Casey Anthony's refusal to give up Caylee for adoption was going to cost society -- and cost Caylee," the child Anthony was accused of murdering. The failure of a jury to convict her of this charge continues to stoke controversy.

This position is personal for Corry, who's divorced from fellow attorney Rob Corry. And even though Coulter attempted to differentiate between divorcees and women who have children out of wedlock either by choice or accident -- the argument's a bit tortured -- Corry continued to maintain that such finger-pointing helps explain why many people see Republicans as anti-compassionate haters.

Of course, Corry groups herself in the conservative/Libertarian camp, too.

Click here to listen to the entire exchange, moderated by KHOW host Craig Silverman. Corry turns up at about the ten-minute point, with Coulter arriving shortly thereafter.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.