Another clue that Jay Cutler's hitting the road

There are indications aplenty that the potential bromance between Broncos QB Jay Cutler and new head coach Josh McDaniels is permanently broken. After all, it's tough not to see the symbolism in Cutler's decision to put his Colorado house up for sale in the worst housing market since the hottest show in entertainment was Fibber McGee and Molly. But here's another sign of irreconcilable differences that has been little noted to date. When forced to comment publicly on the situation, McDaniels turned to the Denver Post, which has owned this so-ludicrous-it-seems-made-up story from the beginning. In contrast, Cutler immediately rang up ESPN.

Why does this matter? If Cutler had any interest in staying in Denver, he would have talked to a local media outlet. Instead, he dialed ESPN, whose item essentially announced that Cutler's now available -- and plenty of teams will go out of their way to obtain his services despite behavior that would earn him a major time-out in any decent kindergarten class.

This will take a while longer to play out, but the die has been cast. Broncos fans: Say goodbye to Sweet Baby Jay.

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